Rescuers hunt for 2-year-old boy who fell into 360-foot well in Spain

Guardia Civil officers are involved in the operation to rescue the toddler.

(CNN)A two-year-old boy is the focus of a major rescue operation Monday, after falling into a 360-foot-deep well in the southern Spanish province of Málaga on Sunday afternoon.

The toddler was in the countryside with his family near the village of Totalán when he fell into the well, Bernardo Moltó, spokesman for Málaga's Guardia Civil, told CNN.
The well is only nine inches in diameter, Moltó said. Rescuers lowered a micro robot with cameras over 260 feet into the hole but were unable to locate the boy, he added.
    Rescuers have so far failed to locate the boy.
    "We haven't found or heard the child; that is why we are taking the time we need to take to find him," Moltó said.
    The rescue team will employ alternative strategies to retrieve the toddler, Moltó said, including digging deeper into the hole and creating a parallel shaft that could be connected with the well.
    "Our number one priority is to find and rescue the child," Moltó said.