Anxious Brits have bought hundreds of food-prepper 'Brexit Boxes'

The company says it is receiving around 25 orders a day.

(CNN)Usually the domain of survivalist groups and doomsday "preppers," food stockpiling has gained some mainstream appeal in the UK recently, amid fears that the country could leave the European Union without a deal, leading to shortages of basic goods.

More than 600 people across Britain have bought a $380 "Brexit Box" since it was launched in December, according to manufacturer Emergency Food Storage.
Billed as "Brexit stockpiling made easy," the box includes 60 freeze-dried main meals, a water filter and fire starter.
    "Brexit could potentially be an emergency -- if we believe all these predicted chaos reports," James Blake, who co-owns the company, told CNN.
    "We are in a situation that is completely unprecedented ... something like this [the box] puts people in control when they can't control what is going on around them."

    Stockpile mania

    The box's popularity comes as lobby and business groups warn that the UK leaving the EU on March 29 without a negotiated deal in place could cause havoc to food and medical supply chains.
    The chief of supermarket chain Tesco warned last week that it was working with suppliers to stockpile tinned food in case of a no-deal Brexit.
    Stockpiling concerns have also been discussed on social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit, and users on the parenting forum Mumsnet have been sharing lists of products to stock up on.
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