Stunning shots from horse racing's photographer of the year

Updated 1100 GMT (1900 HKT) January 17, 2019
Edward Whitaker Racing Post blue supermoonEdward Whitaker Racing Post blue supermoon
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Multi award-winning snapper Edward Whitaker earned horse racing's photograph of the year award with this stunning image of a rare blue supermoon in Lambourn, Berkshire in January 2018. "I knew a spot where the angle was just right," he says. Here he talks CNN Sport through seven of his favorite images. Edward Whitaker/Racing Post
Whitaker's image of French horse Arazi pulling off a stunning last-to-first victory in the 1991 Breeder's Cup at Churchill Downs made his name. "He went through the field like it was 'National Velvet' or some ridiculous film like that. I got this image of jockey Pat Valenzuela screaming his head off against the spires of Churchill Downs. My lot were blown away, it was a big breakthrough." Edward Whitaker/Racing Post
Another picture that has defined his career is this shot of the great stallion Danehill being hosed down at Coolmore Stud in Ireland in 2003. "I just love the whole effect, how the water is reacting over the horse. He turns his neck so it was almost like a massage to him, and you can see how much he's enjoying it. I had to shoot it on a slow shutter speed and there's a real sense of movement in the water, and the light is just lovely."
Edward Whitaker/Racing Post
This color-filled image of Churchill Downs is another Whitaker favorite. "I knew there was this fire exit up to a door that opened onto the roof so I went up there and caught this great dawn. There was a cold front coming in, so I knew there would be some very dramatic reds and yellows in the sky. And now they light up the iconic spires with purple light, so the colors are unbelievable. It's so American and over the top." Edward Whitaker/Racing Post
Horses break from the stalls in front of the Great Stables at Chantilly, France in 2016. "I love this shot because of the light and the horse rearing at the start. It's just a dramatic picture. That one horse going up gives it great strength." Edward Whitaker/Racing Post
Whitaker's luck was in with this picture from Cheltenham last January when he discovered the flying horseshoe. It was part of his portfolio that won an eighth photographer of the year award. "It was a remote picture from under the fence shooting into a clear blue sky. It was a nice picture anyway but the fact the shoe fell off and pointed upright was just unique. I'd never seen anything like it. That's why photography is so exciting." Edward Whitaker/Racing Post
Whitaker conquered his fears and rode up in the TV crane to capture this image of the city of Chester and the racecourse. "This is the scariest picture I've ever taken. You go up on this wobbly plank with a safety harness clipped to a metal frame. I was absolutely terrified but the view was amazing, the light was just right and I got this great scene of Chester with the action on the racecourse." Edward Whitaker/Racing Post