Mine dam collapses in Brazil; 7 bodies found, but 150 still missing

A helicopter crew makes a dramatic rescue Friday in southeastern Brazil.

(CNN)The bodies of seven people were found Friday hours after a dam burst at a Brazilian iron mine and caused severe flooding in the southeastern state of Minas Gerais, according to the local government in the city of Brumadinho.

Dramatic aerial footage from CNN affiliate Record TV showed Brumadinho covered in mud. Homes appeared to have been destroyed, and helicopter rescues led by firefighters showed people covered in mud being airlifted out of the area.
None of the seven victims has been identified. Nine people were rescued from the torrent of mud unleashed by the dam burst, according to a statement from the Minas Gerais state government. The statement said that Vale, the company managing the iron mine, informed the local government that 427 people had been at the site at the time of the accident; 279 have been rescued and about 150 are missing.
    Approximately 100 rescuers are on the scene, and their numbers will be doubled on Saturday morning. Dozens of helicopters are in use to search for survivors, according to the statement.
    The mud-like mine waste from the burst, called "tailings," is expected to take two days to reach the Retiro Baixo hydroelectric dam. Once it reaches this point, it will be possible to contain the waste, according to the Brazilian National Water Ag