As concern about kids' mental health and social media use grows, authorities take action

According to one survey, 40% of parents of online 5- to 15-year-olds are very or fairly concerned about cyberbullying.

London (CNN)Concern over children's use of social media and its effect on their mental health has increased markedly in recent years, and now official action on the issue is also stepping up.

In the UK, government ministers are considering imposing new rules on social media companies, while a trial introducing mindfulness exercises will be extended to up to 370 English schools.
The response comes as separate surveys have revealed feelings of "overwhelming pressure" and inadequacy among young social media users, as well as the prevalence of online bullying.
    The government proposals have been launched as part of Children's Mental Health Week, February 4-10.
      Concerns have risen about the effect of social media on children's mental health.