A rabbi was worried no one would come to this Holocaust survivor's funeral. He put out a call on Facebook and 200 people showed up

Rachel Newman, left, a volunteer with Bikur Cholim, poses for a picture with Eddie Ford.  About 200 people showed up to Ford's funeral on January 31 after Newman's husband, Zale Newman, put out a call for attendees on Facebook.

(CNN)Rabbi Zale Newman thought no one would show up to Eddie Ford's funeral in Toronto, Canada.

The 85-year-old Holocaust survivor died January 29 after being diagnosed with three different forms of cancer. Newman said the elderly man was survived by only a nephew in Detroit.
On January 30, the night before the funeral, Newman put out a plea on Facebook asking for at least 10 people to attend Ford's funeral so that the ceremony would have a minyan, or quorum of 10 people to perform the service.