Emirati woman begs for asylum in Macedonia after fleeing family

Hind Albolooki says she fled Dubai after her family threatened her for seeking a divorce.

(CNN)An Emirati woman who fled to the Republic of Macedonia has made a desperate plea for help after her asylum request was rejected by the Balkan state.

In a video posted online and obtained by CNN, Hind Mohammad Albolooki, 42, says she fled Dubai after her family threatened her when she sought a divorce from her husband.
Her request for asylum in Macedonia was rejected on February 4 by the Macedonia interior ministry. While awaiting a decision, Albolooki is being held in immigration detention, where she has been since December 7, and now fears she will be deported back to the United Arab Emirates.
    Hind Mohammed Albolooki's asylum request was rejected in Macedonia.
    In a video recorded in December before her arrest, Albolooki said her family did not approve of her seeking a divorce because it would affect their reputation.
    "They don't want their name to be spoiled," she said.
    Albolooki said her family tried to take her passport away.
    "If someone is asking for passport or ID, that means that there is something going on and I wasn't that stupid," Albolooki said, adding that in that moment she decided to run away.
    "I am a mother of four children. No mother would leave her kids just like this," she said. "But I had to leave my kids. I had no other choice."

    Escaping Dubai via Turkey and Serbia

    Albolooki's friend Nenad Dimitrov, who lives in Kochani, Macedonia, and has been running the 42-year-old's Twitter account since she was detained, said he met her on a cruise ship and has been in contact with her since.
    He said Albolooki escaped her family on October 2 after being allowed to go to the toilet. From there, he said, she ran -- without her shoes -- and hid in a nearby construction area before finally hailing a taxi that took her to a friend's place in the Emirati city of Sharjah. He said from there she fled ov