Meet the 'Horse Barber' creating spectacular equine designs

By Ben Church, CNN

Published 1243 GMT (2043 HKT) February 12, 2019
Horse Barber melodyHorse Barber melody
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Melody Hames combines her two loves -- art and horses -- to create striking designs by clipping her equine subjects' coats. Horse Barber
Dubbed the "Horse Barber," Melody has set up a business clipping creative designs. She also takes pride in educating others about her skill and loves to inspire others to share her craft.
Horse Barber
Melody started clipping as a child but identified a business model when pictures of her work began to be shared on social media. Horse Barber
In November 2018, she was invited to create a design to mark the armistice centenary -- 100 years since the end of World War I. The piece took six weeks of research and the physical clip took 10 hours to complete. Horse Barber
Melody can't pick a favorite design but some do mean more than others. In March 2018, she did a charity clip for MacMillan Cancer Support -- in memory of a close friend who had passed away. Horse Barber
The design graduate insists welfare is at the center of her work. She assures that horses have been clipped for more than 100 years and that her subjects are not harmed by her art. Horse Barber