Giant dinosaur footprints found and saved from floods in Queensland

A researcher uncovers the Queensland sauropod trackway with air blaster.

(CNN)A trail of dinosaur footprints has been discovered in Queensland, just in time for them to be relocated and saved from the floods that have been tearing through the Australian state.

The well-preserved tracks date back around 95 million years and were made by three different types of dinosaur, according to the team of paleontologists involved in the project.
They have since been moved from the site of their discovery in Winton, Queensland, ensuring they avoided destruction by the intense rainfall and flooding that has hit the state since late last month.
    "That these fine details are so well preserved after 95 million years is remarkable," project leader Stephen Poropat of Swinburne University said in a statement.
    Footprints on the track include 20 made by a large sauropod, a type of dinosaur that had a long trunk and tail and large, thick legs.
    Some species of sauropod were exceptionally big, though the team didn't give an estimate of the size of the dinosaurs responsible for the Winton tracks.
    Researchers estimate that "Elliot" -- a sauropod whose remains were discovered in Australia in 1999 -- measured up to 18 meters (59 feet) long and 3.5 metres (over 11 feet ) high at the hip and weighed up to 20 tonnes (22 short tons).