Nigerian president says military should be 'ruthless' with vote riggers

President Muhammadu Buhari delivers a speech during his party's emergency meeting on the postponed general elections in the capital city of Abuja on Monday.

Lagos, Nigeria (CNN)Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari said he had ordered the military and law enforcement officers to be ruthless with those involved in election fraud following the postponement of the country's general elections.

"I really gave the military and police orders to be ruthless," Buhari said. "I want Nigerians to be respected, let them vote whoever they want across the parties."
Buhari spoke Monday in Abuja, the country's capital, at an emergency meeting called by his ruling party, the All Progressives Congress (APC).
    He added: "I'm going to warn anybody who thinks he has enough influence in his locality to lead a body of thugs to snatch ballot boxes or disturb the voting system, will do so at the expense of his own life."