Charlotte, far right, renamed her Girl Scout cookies for the star of a superhero movie.
CNN  — 

A Girl Scout in Colorado came up with a creative marketing technique to sell some Samoa cookies.

She transformed the treats into “Momoas,” after actor Jason Momoa of “Aquaman” fame.

Charlotte pasted an image of a shirtless Momoa she found online onto 35 Samoa cookie boxes “as an inside joke with her friends and family,” Girl Scouts of the USA said.

The caramel, chocolate and coconut-covered cookies are already delicious, but adding a superhero made them irresistible – Charlotte’s supply of Momoa cookies quickly sold out.

There’s been no official word from Momoa or Warner Bros., which distributed “Aquaman,” about the use of the star’s likeness.

But as of Wednesday, Charlotte is no longer using the image to sell cookies, Girl Scouts of the USA said.

“She only made approximately 35 of these boxes to deliver to acquaintances, and never had any intention of mass marketing these particular boxes to consumers,” Girl Scouts of the USA said. “Once those boxes were sold, she continued with her Girl Scout Cookie season as usual.”

Warner Bros., which distributes “Aquaman,” did not immediately respond to a request for comment. (Warner Bros. and CNN are both divisions of WarnerMedia.) And Charlotte’s mother declined to comment, referring questions to the Girl Scouts.

But the Girl Scouts of Colorado Facebook page praised Charlotte for her innovative thinking.

“Love that creativity!” the page said.