Does socialism have a future? Cubans are hitting the polls

Hundreds of thousands of Cubans swarmed Havana's Revolution Square for a tearful tribute to Fidel Castro on on November 29, 2016, while his brother, Raul, led a private ceremony in front of the late communist icon's ashes.

Havana, Cuba (CNN)Does socialism have a future? Millions of Cubans are about to tell the world "yes" -- or so Havana hopes.

Sunday, Cuba will vote on a new constitution. The document updates its Cold War-era predecessor, the original 1976 charter enacted under Fidel Castro, and the vote is widely seen as an important referendum on Cuba's entire single-party, socialist system.
After US President Donald Trump claimed earlier this week that "socialism is dying" and described Cuba as a "captive nation," Cuban officials have exhorted the population to vote yes to the constitution as a matter of patriotism. On his official Twitter account, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel said a "yes" vote was "a mobilization for peace and against imperial intervention in Latin America."
    If passed, Cuba's updated constitution would protect private property, reintroduce the role of prime minister and, for the first time, limit the Cuban presidency to two consecu