Dutch customs seizes 90,000 bottles of vodka thought heading to North Korea

A customs official displays a container with 90,000 bottles of vodka after it was intercepted in the port of Rotterdam.

(CNN)A container filled with 90,000 bottles of vodka believed to be for sanctions-hit North Korea has been seized by Dutch customs agents, officials said Tuesday.

Three-thousand cases of the spirit were found by officers at the port of Rotterdam aboard a ship owned by China's Cosco Shipping, said Roul Velleman, a spokesman for the Dutch customs agency.
Velleman said officers decided to check the container based on a "risk profile" provided by the Foreign Ministry.
    "We follow a risk profile and we had information that this container could be carrying something," Velleman said. "And it was right. It was vodka -- destination China, probably to go to North Korea."
    A customs official handles boxes inside a container of 90,000 bottles of vodka intercepted in the port of Rotterdam.
    North Korea has been slapped with a number of international sanctions, which include a ban on the import of certain luxury goods, for its continued ballistic missile testing and violations of UN resolutions.
    Those sanctions were the reason behind this particular seizure -- which was ordered by the Dutch minister for trade, Sigrid Kaag -- her spokesman said.