Top US general in Middle East says fight against ISIS 'far from over'

(CNN)The top US general overseeing military operations in the Middle East warned Thursday that despite the terror group's territorial losses the fight against ISIS is "far from over," cautioning that the remnants of the group are positioning themselves for a potential resurgence.

"Reduction of the physical caliphate is a monumental military accomplishment but the fight against ISIS and violent extremism is far from over," Gen. Joseph Votel the commander of US Central Command told the House Armed Services Committee.
Votel acknowledged that the terror group's territory had shrunk from some 34,000 square miles at the height of its power to an area that is currently less than a single square mile in the Syrian town of Baghouz.
    But he cautioned that many ISIS fighters have left these last pockets and have dispersed across Syria and Iraq.
    "We will need to maintain a vigilant offensive against this now widely dispersed and disaggregated organization that includes leaders, fighters, facilitators, resources and of course their toxic ideology," he said.
    And while hundreds of family members of ISIS fighters have left the group's last remaining pocket and surrendered to the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, Votel warned that this was a "calculated move" aimed at preserving the group's ability to fight in the future.
    "What we are seeing now is not the surrender of ISIS as an organization but a calculated decision to preserve the safety of their families and the preservation of their capabilities by taking their chances in camps for internally displaced persons and going to ground in remote areas and waiting for the right time to resurge," Votel said.
    "The ISIS population being evacuated from the remaining vestiges of the caliphate largely remains unrepentant, unbroken and radicalized," he added, citing observations from US troops on the ground in Syria.