A Jewish synagogue opened its doors to a Christian congregation after its church burned on Christmas

(CNN)A church that lost its worship home to a Christmas Day fire has found a new home in a synagogue.

A house fire spread to the Trinity African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church in Birmingham, Alabama. While no one was hurt, the fire damaged the church's lobby area, roof and sanctuary.
The congregation needed a new home, so Rev. Erskine Faush Jr. reached out to Temple Emanu-El for help. The synagogue immediately agreed to open its doors to the church in need.
The fire started at the Trinity African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church early in the morning on Christmas.
Cantor Jessica Roskin of Temple Emanu-El said that the church is welcome to worship at the synagogue as long as they need to stay and they will provide them with anything they need.
"As reformed Jews, we believe strongly in what's called Tikkun Olam. It means repairing the world," Roskin told CNN. "And what that means is to act and to do as we would wish ourselves to be treated and to welcome the stranger. And it means to be the very best person or place that you can be in order to help repair the world."
The church's first Sunday service at its new home was on March 10. The congregation had spent two months at the neighboring Holy Family Catholic Church, where the priest there also welcomed Faush's church members.
"We used every aspect of Holy Family, I mean they were really great," Faush said. "They allowed us to use the sanctuary of the fellowship hall, even the school cafeteria."
About 75 of Trinity AME Zion's parishioners attended services at Holy Family for two months, but they wanted a little more space to spread out. So, Temple Emanu-El welcomed them.