Cameras secretly recorded women in California hospital delivery rooms

Cameras filmed activity in three labor and delivery rooms at the Women's Center at Sharp Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa, California.

(CNN)A women's hospital in California used hidden cameras to secretly record approximately 1,800 patients without their consent, according to a lawsuit.

The recordings filmed activity in three labor and delivery operating rooms at the Women's Center at Sharp Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa, California, over a period of more than 11 months beginning in summer 2012.
Captured in the images: partially robed women on operating tables, cesarean sections, and newly delivered babies. At times, according to the lawsuit filed last week, the women's genital areas were visible, as were their faces.
    "It's the most fundamental breach of privacy," said Allison Goddard, a lawyer representing more than 80 women who say they were filmed.
    Goddard says she's obtained five videos from the hospital and has requested about 100 more.
    "I have seen, for example, a video of a C-section, and it shows the patient being rolled into the operating room. It shows the patient being prepped for surgery. You could see her hospital gown tucked up under her breasts. You could see her bare belly," Goddard said.
    She says the video goes on to show the birth of the baby and a nurse massaging the woman's uterus to expel any blood clots.
    "It's horrifying to think that, especially in today's day and age of the ubiquity of videos on the internet, if one of those videos were to get in the wrong hands, there's no controlling it. It takes your own medical care outside your own control," Goddard said.
    The lawsuit states the recordings were stored on desktop computers, some without the need for a password. It further states the hospital "destroyed at least half the recordings but cannot say when or how it deleted those files and cannot confirm that it took the appropriate steps to ensure the files were not otherwise recoverable."
    The women are suing over the harm they say they suffered, including anguish, horror, humiliation, depression and feelings of powerlessness. They are seeking monetary damages from the hospital.
    Goddard says the women were n