This woman has come to symbolize Sudan's protests

This photo of a woman chanting during a protest in Sudan's capital on April 8 has gone viral on social media.

(CNN)The woman is wearing a long white dress and golden moon earrings. She's chanting from the top of a car while surrounded by a sea of protesters holding smartphones, all trying to capture the moment.

This scene was captured in Sudan's capital, Khartoum, on Monday during the third day of a mass sit-in outside the presidential compound and army headquarters.
Lana Haroun, who snapped the image that has since gone viral, told CNN when she saw the woman she just ran toward her and took three or four photos.
    "She was trying to give everyone hope and positive energy and she did it," Haroun said. "She was representing all Sudanese women and girls and she inspired every woman and girl at the sit-in. She was telling the story of Sudanese women. ... She was perfect."
    "We have a voice. We can say what we want. We need a better life and to stay in a better place."
    Haroun said she doesn't have a camera, just her smartphone, but when she saw the one photo she thought it was perfect and showed it to her friends at the sit-in.
    "I immediately thought: This is my revolution and we are the future."
    During the protest chant, the woman was shouting "In the name of religion, they burnt us" and the crowd answering "Revolution!" according to a translation that Stockholm-based researcher Suha Babikir and other Sudanese women provided to CNN.
    Another protester, Ahmed Awad, took a video of the woman chanting at another point in the evening, calling for the fall of the regime of President Omar al-Bashir