A 7-Eleven owner caught a hungry teen shoplifting. Instead of calling the police, he gave him food

The owner of this Toledo, Ohio, 7-Eleven gave a hungry shoplifter food instead of calling the cops.

(CNN)A 7-Eleven store owner was working in the back office when an employee alerted him to a possible shoplifter.

Via the store's security cameras, Jitendra Singh watched as a teen slyly pocketed items such as gum and candy.
By the time Singh went into the main store area, the shoplifter was at the counter paying for a few items.
"I asked him, 'Take out whatever you have in your pocket,' so he took out one of the items," Singh told CNN.
But Singh knew the teen had taken more. He told the boy to empty the rest of his pockets or he'd have to call the cops.
Surveillance video shows 7-Eleven owner Jitendra Singh confronting a shoplifter on Saturday night.