A planet in our solar system needs a name -- and you can help

More than 10 years since its discovery, 2007 OR10 is the largest known minor planet in our solar system that has no name. The three astronomers who discovered it want the public's help to change that.

(CNN)It's been 10 years since the largest unnamed minor planet in our solar system was discovered. Yet it has remained nameless, apart from the identifier 2007 OR10.

The three astronomers who discovered it want your help to change that.
Meg Schwamb, Mike Brown and David Rabinowitz announced the campaign to pick a suitable name in an article published by The Planetary Society on Wednesday.
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    This isn't the first time the public's been asked to help name something.
    There were the eaglets at the National Arboretum who were named Freedom and Liberty. Not to be confused with the pair a year later named Honor and Glory.
    But remember that time the public named a research vessel R.R.S. Boaty McBoatFace?
    Or that time Slovak lawmakers had to override the public's vote to rename a pedestrian bridge after the actor Chuck Norris?
    Yeah ... let's not do that again.
    The International Astronomical Union (IAU) gives names to planets, and luckily for us, the organization has already preselected the names that meet its standards. You just need to vote.
    Artist's concept of 2007 OR10 -- the largest unnamed solar system object yet discovered -- and its moon.