Indonesia's election commission to investigate possible ballot stuffing

An official prepares ballot boxes and other voting materials in Jakarta ahead of presidential and legislative elections.

(CNN)Indonesia's election watchdog is investigating possible vote-rigging before next week's presidential and legislative elections following the emergence of video which purportedly shows tens of thousands of pre-marked ballot papers.

The video seemingly shows a raid on an empty shop in neighboring Malaysia, which resulted in the retrieval of the ballots marked for President Joko Widodo, his running mate Ma'ruf Amin and a candidate for the allied Partai Nasional Demokrat, known colloquially as NasDem.
In the video, a voice is heard saying: "Many ballots that have been punched have been collected in an unoccupied house-shop. We found directly that the president's (name) has been punched. No. 01.
    "The MP candidate no. 5 (is from) Nasdem. The name is Ahmad. Yes. This is Ahmad."