World Rugby goes to Asia: Show times of latest episode

    Fans soak up the atmosphere at this year's Singapore Sevens

    (CNN)Asia is one of the biggest markets for rugby and the sport is growing rapidly there.

    Five years ago, rugby's governing body set out to train, develop and recruit one million rugby players from Asia, which is soon to host the continent's first World Cup (in Japan). They not only succeeded but beat their target by a full year.
    Alex Thomas reports from the sidelines of the Singapore Sevens, exploring how and why the sport is taking off in some of the fastest growing rugby markets across Asia -- India, Mongolia and Laos.
      Saturday 4/20/19
        7:30am BST
        10:30pm BST
        Sunday 4/21/19
        5:30pm BST
        Monday 4/22/19
        2:30am BST
        Saturday 4/27/19
        5:30pm BST
        Sunday 4/28/19
          10:30pm BST