Lazio fans hang pro-Mussolini banner, make fascist salutes ahead of Liberation day

    Lazio play AC Milan in the Italian Cup on Wednesday.

    (CNN)A group of football fans -- supporters of Serie A club Lazio -- have put up a banner reading "Honor to Benito Mussolini" and performed fascist salutes in Milan ahead of a major Italian Cup match on Wednesday.

    A video shared on social media shows the hardcore Lazio ultras, also known as "Irriducibili," doing the fascist salutes.
    The banner was hung near Piazzale Loreto, the square in Milan where the Italian dictator's dead body was hung upside down in 1945 after his execution along with those of his mistress Claretta Petacci and other high-ranking fascists, Ansa news agency reports.
      The episode took place one day ahead of Liberation day, a public holiday in which Italians celebrate the