The NBA is firing its Turkish Twitter account vendor after it omitted Enes Kanter

    Enes Kanter, right, helped the Portland Trail Blazers to a playoff win against the Denver Nuggets in Denver on Wednesday night, evening the series at 1-1.

    (CNN)Portland Trail Blazers center and Turkey native Enes Kanter has a famously strained relationship with his home country's leadership. So when the NBA Turkey Twitter account seemingly subbed him after a solid playoff performance this week, Kanter noticed.

    So did the NBA.
    The league is cutting ties with the Turkish vendor that ran its Turkish-language Twitter account, NBA Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum said on Thursday, after Kanter alleged that the account was censoring him.
    "The NBA Turkey Twitter account was managed by a local vendor and we are terminating that relationship," Tatum said in an email statement released by the NBA.
    In the backdrop of this episode is Kanter's longstanding criticism of the Turkish government, and that government's public desire to arrest him.
    But the tweets in question relate to the Trail Blazers' 97-90 win against the Denver Nuggets on Wednesday in the second game of their second-round playoff series.
    Kanter had 15 points, tied for second most on his team. He also had nine rebounds, two blocks and two steals.
    The NBA's main Twitter account announced the game's result and top scorers -- and it included Kanter's name and picture.
    The NBA Turkey account had a similar post with all the same names, except Kanter's. The center's image also was missing.
    Kanter wasn't impressed, and tweeted a side-by-side comparison.
    "Only Turkish player out here tonight, and the official @NBA for T