Twins in Arkansas celebrate their 100th birthday
CNN  — 

Nothing beats turning 100 with your twin. George and James Morrow would know.

On Wednesday, the identical siblings from Arkansas will celebrate a century. And they don’t plan on slowing down any time soon; one of them just got his license renewed, CNN affiliate KARK reported.

“I feel just as good as (I) did 25 years ago,” James told KARK.

As for George, he enjoys gardening and seeing “stuff grow,” he said.

The pair had a birthday celebration at a church in Morrilton over the weekend.

They were born in 1919, but James and George aren’t the oldest in their family.

Their older sister, Mabel Carter, is 105. Their younger sister is 98.

So what’s the secret to a long life?

“Always be honest and truthful, don’t be afraid to work and leave the booze and wild women alone,” the two told KARK.