David Beckham banned from driving for using cell phone

    David Beckham leaves a court in southeast London after being banned from driving for six months.

    London (CNN)Former England football star David Beckham has been banned from driving for six months after he was caught using his mobile phone behind the wheel.

    A south London court handed Beckham six points on his drivers' license for the offense in the British capital, reported UK media agency Press Association (PA).
    With six points already on his license for other speeding offenses, Beckham, 43, now faces a ban.
      The former Manchester United and England footballer was driving his Bentley in London's West End on November 21 when a member of the public spotted him using his phone, reports PA.
      "Instead of looking straight forward, paying attention to the road, he appeared to be looking at his lap," said prosecutor Matthew Spratt, according to PA.
      "He (the witness) says that the defendant was operating a handheld device at knee level. At that moment a photograph was taken."