The epic upsets at the Champions' League hit home for anyone who's ever felt the agony of defeat

    (CNN)You ever have days where you just want to lie face-down on the ground and hope the earth swallows you whole?

    Yeah, it was that kind of day for Ajax players after Tottenham orchestrated a stunning 3-2 comeback on Thursday to advance to the UEFA Champions League Final on away goals.
    This is definitely a "we let them score three unanswered goals to kick us out of the tournament" look if we've ever seen one.
    Meanwhile, just a day earlier, Liverpool beat Barcelona to advance, when all Barcelona had to do was not let Liverpool win by four goals. Four goals is A LOT.
    They lost 0-4.
    Luis Suarez looks like he's going to be sick.
    For any sports fan, these moments of epic upset hit way too close to home. What we're seeing here is the universal language of defeat, the sudden primal urge to double over in despair, lay flat out on the ground, or otherwise surrender to the Big Sports Sadness.