Ohio teen loses more than 100 pounds while walking to school every day

Michael Watson lost 115 pounds by walking to and from school.

(CNN)Two years ago, Michael Watson was in a rut. The 6-foot-4 inch teen weighed 335 pounds and was often bullied about his weight.

"My self-confidence was zero," Watson, who turns 18 on Wednesday, told CNN.
As a junior at his Canton, Ohio, school, the teen decided to make a commitment to walk to and from school every day, about 20 minutes each way. And he made some changes in his diet.
    When he walks across the stage at graduation later this month, the McKinley High senior will be 115 pounds lighter.

    He walked to and from school in the rain and snow

    One low moment came when a classmate told Watson he had something on his chin. When Watson rubbed his chin, the boy told him, "'No, third one down,'" Watson said. "That really hurt."
    Moments like that fueled his walking.