Grumpy Cat dies
Grumpy Cat, the grouchy-faced furball, is dead
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In seven years, Grumpy Cat achieved more celebrity than most of us could ever dream of.

The cranky internet sensation’s million-dollar frown and deadpan humor captured our hearts, especially when we were feeling a little disgruntled with the world.

The furry sensation’s family announced her death on Twitter on Friday.

“We are unimaginably heartbroken to announce the loss of our beloved Grumpy Cat,” Tabatha Bundesen, Grumpy Cat’s owner, said.

Grumpy Cat’s cultural influence extended to books, movies, celebrity appearances and more.

Since skyrocketing to fame through Reddit in 2012, Grumpy Cat garnered 1.5 million followers on Twitter, 2.4 million on Instagram and 8.5 million on Facebook. (She was basically the Kim Kardashian of house pets.)

Here are some of the other achievements Grumpy Cat, sometimes with the help of her human family, had under her collar.

A published author

grumpy cat book

Some of us can barely compose a legible text message. But Grumpy Cat, who doesn’t even have opposable thumbs, has signed book deals and published multiple works, including “The Grumpy Guide to Life: Observations from Grumpy Cat” and best-selling “Grumpy Cat: A Grumpy Book.” She even had her own publicist.

A movie star

Grumpy Cat appears at Lifetime's "Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever event" at Macy's Union Square in 2014 in California.

Grumpy Cat starred in her own movie and had numerous guest spots on TV.

In 2014, she starred in the LifeTime movie “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever.” The adventure and comedy film centers around a bitter cat who is constantly passed over for other animals in a pet store. The cat befriends a 12-year-old girl who can communicate with her and they embark on an adventure together. “Parks and Recreation” actress Aubrey Plaza voiced Grumpy Cat.

She’s also appeared on shows like “Good Morning America” and “Today.”

A socialite

From Stan Lee to Jennifer Lopez, celebrities clamored to snap a photo with the famous Grumpy Cat.

Lee, the American comic book writer behind the Marvel universe, met the cat at a 2015 convention and tried to mimic the iconic frown.

J-Lo and Ryan Seacrest also put on a sour face to match Grumpy Cat’s when the two posed for a picture on the set of “American Idol” in 2014.

Fans were probably a little jealous that Grumpy Cat got this close to Ian Somerhalder, who called her his “new love.”

Judging from all the memes, Grumpy Cat probably wasn’t a big fan of sports, but she met pro wrestler Hulk Hogan in 2015.

A fashion icon

People loved Grumpy Cat so much they wanted to wear her image on their bodies. The sourpuss collaborated with clothing, bag and shoe companies like Skechers to create her own fashion lines.

And like anyone who reaches a certain level of fame, she also released her own perfume: Kitten Fur by Demeter Fragrance Library.

A spokescat

What better way to sell some cat food than through arguably the most famous cat on the internet? Grumpy Cat signed an endorsement deal with Nestle Purine PetCare’s Friskies brand in 2013 and became a spokescat for the feline food.
Me-OW! It's Money Time
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An award winner

Grumpy Cat’s image was recognized as Meme of the Year at the 2013 Webby Awards.

It’s not hard to understand why, with her perpetually unimpressed expression accompanying text like “If you’re happy and you know it … I don’t care” and “The worst thing after waking up? Everything until I go to bed again.”