Shafali Jashanmal and the secret to 100 years of trading success in the Gulf

(CNN)Editor's note: The UN estimates that around 17 million people born in India live outside its borders. The group is considered the world's largest migrant population. From the NBA's first Indian-origin player to the descendant of an indentured laborer, CNN spoke to a handful of people born to Indian parents who settled overseas.

Shafali Jashanmal was born into business.
    Her family runs the Jashanmal Group, a thriving company that started 100 years ago when Shafali's grandfather Rao Sahib noticed that British troops stationed in the Iraqi city of Basra were craving goods from home.
    Now the group has more than 100 stores across the Middle East, including franchises and other retail stores.
    One of the first Jashanmal stores in the UAE.
    "My family is unique. They are Indian, but they never spent time going back and forth too much between India. They made their home the Middle East," Jashanmal says.
    Shafali herself was born in Mumbai but grew up in Abu Dhabi with her older brother and sister.
    At 16, she went to boarding in school in Lugano, Switzerland, before returning to Abu Dhabi. She attended university in New York and studied for her MBA in Madrid before returning to work for the UAE government.
    Shafali's father, Mohan, was born in 1938 in Karachi and settled in Bahrain after high school. He was trained by vacuum cleaner company Hoover as a salesman and sent to England to sell their products.
    Mohan later worked his way up the family business, that now has a management team and board overseeing its successful growth.
    In his younger years, he helped the Indian School find new premises, and more than 25 years ago started the Indian Business and Professional group.
    Shafali Jashanmal's parents, Mohan Jashanmal and Vanita Jashanmal, who married in India in November 1964.