First on CNN: Another top Trump aide to exit as legislative activity dries up

(CNN)President Donald Trump's point person on Capitol Hill, Shahira Knight, is leaving her post as multiple aides in the White House legislative affairs office and beyond eye the exits heading into a campaign season that will likely freeze legislative activity on both sides of the aisle.

Multiple sources close to Knight say she has discussed leaving the White House for months, and her impending exit was widely expected -- particularly because she told colleagues she wanted to last a year in the job, and her anniversary in the role is approaching in mid-July.
"Shahira has done a wonderful job as my legislative affairs director. She was outstanding for us and for our country and will be a tremendous success in the private sector," Trump said in a statement to CNN.
    Knight informed the President of her decision to leave on Tuesday afternoon.
    "It has been a great honor to serve President Trump and this country," she said in a statement. "I will always be grateful for the experience I have gained, and proud of the accomplishments I have helped achieve alongside a very talented White House team."
    A White House official says she was given a job offer in the private sector that she felt she couldn't turn down.
    Knight has warned legislative staff that now is the time to leave, a source familiar with her comments said, if they want to land the lucrative consulting jobs many ex-aides have hoped would be their reward for working in the White House. The reason: consulting firms and corporations may soon start to hold off on writing lavish paychecks to Trump-connected operatives until they see if the President will be reelected or if they will need to seek personnel connected to a new administration.
    The uncertainty surrounding who will occupy the Oval Office less than two years from now could temporarily limit job prospects for departing White House officials, forcing those currently on the inside to decide on their next move sooner rather than later -- or risk being stuck in their jobs through January 2021.
    Johnny DeStefano, a top White House aide, became the latest senior official to submit his resignation this week after working in the West Wing since the start of Trump's presidency. A source close to DeStefano said he is in talks to take on an advisory role at Juul, an e-cigarette company, although he is not expected to lobby for them.
    And the legislative affairs team could slim down even more significantly