Women's World Cup: 'It's way more than football' -- Jamaica's remarkable journey to France 2019

    Jamaica is the first Caribbean country to qualify for the Women's World Cup.

    (CNN)Late afternoon in Dallas and the Toyota Stadium in the city's suburbs is all but empty. Dotted around an otherwise sweep of vacant red and blue seats are a few hundred fans.

    In the lower bleachers, looking like the first specks of a pointillist painting, some supporters are wearing plastic ponchos, protecting themselves from the drizzling rain on what is a chilly October Wednesday. Though they create sound, the cheers and the cries are largely swallowed up into the ether.
    The majority of ticket-holders have yet to filter into the 20,000-seat arena for that evening's top-billed match between the US and Canadian national women's teams. It means only the few experience the drama and the history unfolding on the pitch as Jamaica and Panama engage in a stomach-churning penalty shootout.
      "No one was paying attention to us, so to speak, but it really wasn't about anything else but us," Jamaica goalkeeper Nicole McClure tells CNN Sport, remembering the match which would alter the course of women's football in her country.
      Deadlocked at 2-2 after 120 minutes, there was only one way to resolve the high-st