Russian company offers female employees money to wear skirts

Low angle view of business people walking, London, UK

(CNN)A Russian company is offering bonuses to its female staff for putting on makeup and wearing a dress or skirt to work.

The move is part of a "femininity marathon" campaign from Tatprof, an aluminum producer, the company's press officer reportedly told local radio station Govorit Moskva.
"Our team consists of 70% of men," Anastasiya Kirillova said on air, according to Russian state-run news agency Sputnik. "This is a great way to rally a team!"
"Many women automatically put on trousers, so we hope that [the campaign] will increase our ladies' awareness, allowing them to feel their femininity and charm when they make the choice of wearing a skirt or dress," Kirillova continued. "It is summer now, so the marathon came in handy."
Female staff will be paid 100 rubles ($1.50) extra if they opt to put on makeup and a dress or a skirt to the office, Sputnik reported. In order to claim the bonus, the employees reportedly must send a photograph of themselves to the company.
The campaign started on May 27 and runs until June 30.
CNN has reached out to the company for comment but did not hear back immediately.