Oakland residents won't be busted for using 'magic mushrooms' and other psychedelic drugs

Oakland is the second city to decriminalize "magic mushrooms," which contain  psilocybin.

(CNN)You may not see them popping up in dispensaries yet, but Oakland just allowed the use of "magic mushrooms" and other natural psychedelics.

On Tuesday, Oakland's City Council voted unanimously to decriminalize the use of 'shrooms and other natural psychedelic or hallucinogenic drugs, including cacti, becoming the second city in the country to take this step.
The drugs still aren't necessarily legal, but the resolution means police cannot impose criminal penalties for using the natural drugs or use any city funds to investigate or enforce the criminal penalties. Even people currently being prosecuted for these kinds of drugs are now off the hook, according to the resolution.
    Denver was the first city to enact this kind of ordinance, in May. But Oakland's goes further: where Denver's ordinance was focused on '"magic mushrooms" -- which contain psilocybin -- Oakland is decriminalizing any plant or fungi that has hallucinogenic or pschedelic properties. That's a first for any US city, but it doesn't apply to drugs such as LSD or MDMA, which are synthetic.

      Backers are hoping it saves the city money

      The resolution was introduced by City Council member Noel Gallo and backed by Decriminalize Natu