Diagnosis: Unusual

Unusual symptoms pointing to brain cancer turned into something completely different

(CNN)Brain tumor, the doctors said.

After examining scans and ruling out other possibilities, cancer was the most likely explanation for the unusual symptoms that Rachel Palma experienced beginning in January 2018.
"I was having involuntary movements with my right hand, so I was dropping things," the Middletown, New York, resident said. "The worst symptoms obviously were hallucinations. And I wasn't always oriented to time and place."
    Once, Palma locked herself out of her own house and another time, her bank account.
    "I was no longer able to process the fact that a key opens the door. The computer screen looked completely different -- it was almost foreign," said the now-42 year old. "What I was perceiving was different and so how I was responding was different -- if someone was asking for a pen, I would give them, for example, a key."
    Sometimes she had blissful, symptom-free days. With no warning, the dropping things, the hallucinations, the disorientation would return.

    Brain lesion discovered on a scan

    After January, her symptoms "progressed prett