Hapless drug dealer leaves stash with name and address

A suspected drug dealer left a bag filled with narcotics on a tram.

London (CNN)Police in Manchester, northern England, have thanked a suspected drug dealer for leaving a bag filled with narcotics on a tram -- alongside his full name and address.

"A poor individual has forgotten his rucksack while traveling on the tram on the Bury line," Greater Manchester Police Trafford North said in a Facebook post.
The post included an image of the bag and its stash, which the police said consisted of 25 tablets, a "large amount of white powder," snap bags containing white rocks and scales.
    The police appealed to "reunite lost property with its owner" in the post it titled "deal or no deal."
      "Thankfully the owner of the bag was helpful enough to leave his Community Payback card, his name & address," the Police said, using the hashtags "#thoughtfuldealer #dealornodeal #nodeal #honeyiforgotmydrugs."