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Dead sea birds and whales wash ashore with plastic in their bellies. Discarded fishing gear, plastic bags and other items accumulate in large patches throughout the ocean. Not to mention the microplastic polluting the marine environment that we can’t see.

The amount of plastic that’s been dumped into the ocean has been increasing, and the problem will probably only get worse.

Here are some troubling facts about the pollution crisis plaguing our oceans.

World ocean day pollution 01
Plastic waste floats in the waters near Cartagena, Chile.
Discarded fishing gear floats in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
A seagull struggles to take flight covered by a plastic bag at Caleta Portales beach in Valparaiso, Chile.
Oil drips out as workers lay pipe into an oil well in Talpa, Texas.
American undersea explorer Victor Vescovo completed the deepest sea dive ever recorded. He said he saw a plastic bag and candy wrappers at the deepest place on the planet.
Titan triggerfish eat plastic trash in the waters of Maldives.

CNN’s Paul Martucci contributed to this report.