This little girl noticed that some hospitalized kids didn't have stuffed animals. So, she did something about it

Alex Walker, 7, and her father squeeze her teddy bears while she's hospitalized for epilepsy.

(CNN)Alex Walker has spent a lot of time in and out of hospital beds since she was diagnosed with epilepsy at just 11 months old.

"Her seizures were so bad, they would last over an hour, and you have to immediately call for an ambulance because she would stop breathing," her mom, Melisa Walker, tells CNN.
Each time Alex went to the hospital, her best friend -- a brown teddy bear named Sky Bear -- went with her.
    "He makes me feel very happy and not scared," says Alex, 7, of the toy her dad bought before she was born.
    Alex cuddles Sky Bear through doctor visits, squeezes him during shots. Nurses attach electrodes to Sky Bear to mimic what Alex is going through. Her parents bandage his head.
    "She was so young and sick of sitting in a bed," her mother recalls. "It's the only way we could get her to get a head wrap on."

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