Woman sits final year exams in hospital 30 minutes after giving birth

Almaz Derese, 21, and her son on Wednesday, June, 12, 2019.

Addis Ababa (CNN)A woman in Ethiopia took her final year exams in hospital just 30 minutes after giving birth to a baby boy.

Almaz Derese, 21, went into labor overnight Monday and delivered her baby on the day her secondary school exams were due to start.
Derese told CNN she did not want to wait another year to sit the exams.
    "Although it was very hard to take an exam after giving birth, I did not want to waste the opportunity that I tirelessly worked for a decade," she said.
      Derese, who lives in the Illu Aba Bora district, in Ethiopia's southwest, sat for papers in English, Maths and Amharic, Ethiopia's official language.
      Kebede Negesu, the district's education head, told CNN they assigned an examiner to monitor her while she wrote the exams at the hospital.
      "Her husband told us [Almaz] was unable to sit for the exam in a classroom, and we asked her whether she would be able to take the exam or not. She said 'yes,'" Negesu said.