World Rugby goes to the UK: Show times of latest episode

    (CNN)The first ever international rugby match was played between Scotland and England almost 150 years ago, and in every corner of the British Isles, the sport can still be found.

    Christina Macfarlane travels to Belfast to find out about Ulster's unique position straddling the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, and interviews club legend Rory Best as he approaches retirement following a final World Cup as captain of Ireland.
    In Shetland, we visit the UK's most remote rugby club -- closer to Oslo than it is to London -- and find out the challenges islanders face to keep the sport going in their community.
      In Wales, meanwhile, we look at a different set of challenges faced by the small industrial communities that use rugby to bind their people together.
        And finally, we bring you updates from the final two stops in the World Rugby Sevens Series -- London and Paris -- as the USA and Fiji battle for the Series title.
        Thursday 6/20/19
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