This 103-year-old woman just became a US citizen

(CNN)A South Florida woman is officially a United States citizen at 103 years old -- a reminder you're never too old to achieve the American Dream.

After more than 15 years in the United States, Andrea Joseph received citizenship in front of her friends and family on Friday at a naturalization ceremony in Miami, CNN affiliate WPLG reported.
Joseph was born on August 15, 1915, in Jacmel, Haiti, and entered the United States as a permanent resident more than 15 years ago.
Today, on Flag Day, she's officially a United States naturalized citizen.
"We obviously didn't think this would ever come true. This is a great accomplishment for my grandmother," her granddaughter, Mildred Ogé, told CNN hours after the ceremony.
"To have this happen today, on June 14th, we're excited and overjoyed by this achievement."
And as for Joseph? How's she feel about being a new American citizen?
"She's happy," said Ogé. "She's like, 'How nice! How sweet!'"