Mette Frederiksen becomes Denmark's youngest-ever prime minister

Mette Frederiksen announced she will form a minority government backed by three other parties.

(CNN)Mette Frederiksen, the leader of Denmark's center-left Socialist Democratic party, has announced that she will form a left-leaning, one-party minority government, making her the nation's youngest-ever prime minister.

"It is with great pleasure I can announce that after three weeks of negotiations, we have a majority to form a new government," the 41-year-old said Wednesday, according to Reuters.
Frederiksen's Social Democrats were able to form the minority government after receiving backing from the Socialist People's Party, the Red-Green Alliance and the Social-Liberal Party, the news agency added.
    Minority governments are common in Denmark and Frederiksen will rely on the three left and center-left parties to pass laws in parliament.
    Denmark's Social Democrats beat the three-party center-right bloc led by Lars Lokke Rasmussen of the Venstre party earlier in June after adopting a hardline stance on immigration during the election campaign, luring voters away from the right-wing populist Danish People's Party (DPP). Frederiksen's party won 48 seats in parliament, beating Venstre party's by 43 seats.
    Denmark will be the third Nordic country this year to form a leftist government, after Social Democratic parties formed governments in Finland and Sweden earlier this year.
    Mette Frederiksen meeting with voters in Aalborg, Denmark during her election campaign.