This guy hasn't played in the MLB since 2001. But one team is paying him $1.2 million a year until 2035

    (CNN)Happy Bobby Bonilla Day! If you don't know who that is, allow us to introduce you to your new professional and financial role model.

    Bobby Bonilla is a retired MLB player who last took the field in 2001, but, 20 years later, is still getting paid $1.2 million a year by the New York Mets. In fact, he'll get paid $1,193,248.20 a year every year until 2035, when Bonilla is 72 entire years old.
    At that point, the final sum will be $29.8 million paid for a sport Bonilla will not have played professionally for 34 years.
      The payout of the most clutch retirement plan in history happens ever year on July 1, a day when the baseball world stops to chuckle at what is either one of the worst or best sports contracts in history, depending on whether or not you're Bobby Bonilla.