No more 'Beijing bikini': Chinese city calls topless men 'uncivilized'

A man sports a so-called Beijing bikini as he fishes by Houhai Lake in Beijing on July 1, 2019.

Beijing (CNN)Each summer, as Chinese cities swelter under the baking heat, middle-aged men across the country roll their T-shirts up above their bellies to cool down.

It's a style so ubiquitous that it's even earned a fond nickname: the "Beijing bikini."
But in a city in China's eastern Shandong province, Beijing bikini lovers -- and those who forgo tops altogether -- have fallen out of favor with the local authorities.
    On Tuesday, authorities in Jinan -- a city of 8.7 million -- issued a notice ordering the public to keep their shirts on in public places. It came as temperatures rose to a sweltering 36C (96F) this week.