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Ready to risk your life to see some aliens? Great! So are more than 600,000 other people.

A satirical Facebook event titled “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us” is asking people to gather at the US Air Force base in Lincoln County, Nevada, to overtake the building and reveal the “secrets” it keeps.

Area 51, as the facility is commonly known, has been the focus of conspiracy theories for decades, and a small but undeterred part of the population thinks it’s where the government stores secret information about aliens and UFOs.

“We can move faster than their bullets,” the Facebook page says, hinting at Area 51’s strong security.

It’s all a big joke, of course, but the event has sparked some hilarious memes illustrating why storming Area 51 is a terrible idea.

You’ll probably die

Twitter user Barbara posted a clip from a video game showing a man watching as a parachutist collides into a building. “Area 51 guards watching people trying to break in,” her caption reads.

Epi, another Twitter user, laid out a scenario in which a time traveler arriving from the year 2029 refers to the storming of the Air Force facility as “the great Area 51 massacre.”

If you survive, you’ll have to finesse a smooth getaway

Some folks are already planning their escape. One Twitter user predicts that he’ll arrive at Area 51 on an ordinary bicycle and leave on a flying one, just like the movie “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.”

And deny any knowledge of the event

Another Twitter user offered advice to anyone investigated by authorities: Deny! Deny! Deny!

A hilarious clip from “Real Housewives of Atlanta” drove the point home.

Hopefully the alien you steal won’t turn on you

One person joked that the extraterrestrials people bust out could actually destroy mankind.

Of course, this could all be a giant waste of time

It is possible that Area 51 is just a US Air Force installation, like the government says. Right?