The world's largest electric vehicle in pictures

Published 0912 GMT (1712 HKT) July 16, 2019
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The eDumper is the world's largest electric vehicle. Andreas Sutter
The truck is 110 tons heavy when fully loaded and powered by a 4.5-ton all-electric battery. Andreas Sutter
Produced by Kuhn Schweiz AG, the truck is in operation in a mountainside quarry in Biel, Switzerland. Audi Communications Motorsport
It delivers 60 tons of lime and marl from the quarry. Andreas Sutter
But it's the eDumper's brakes that are arguably the most impressive aspect of this machine. Andreas Sutter
Through a process called regenerative braking, when the driver hits the brake pads the electric motor goes into reverse, releasing electricity that can be stored and returned to the battery. Andreas Sutter
The heavier the load, the stronger the braking and the more electricity can be recovered. Audi Communications Motorsport
"We had 75 tons of rocks and we went out of here with 90%, went all the way to the top," Formula E driver Lucas di Grassi said. Andreas Sutter
The drivers of the monster dump truck will get their own workouts to reach the cockpit of the vehicle -- they must climb up nine stairs. Andreas Sutter
The tires are more than six feet high and those huge tires mean the truck can negotiate inclines of 13%, even in harsh weather. Andreas Sutter
With the eDumper's 600 KWh battery and its regenerative braking, the truck saves 50,000 tons of diesel each year and also reduces the CO2 footprint by 1.3 million kg every year. Andreas Sutter
"This is pure magic," Di Grassi said. "That's the real-world application of EV." Andreas Sutter
With huge changes in transportation expected, the eDumper gives us a glimpse of what the future may look like. Andreas Sutter
"I just saw the motor, it's huge, it's super impressive," the Formula E driver added. Andreas Sutter