Solar Foods protein food made from air trnd
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You can make something out of nothing. Or so one company claims.

Food tech company Solar Foods says it has created a natural protein source from a mix of carbon dioxide, water and renewable electricity. And it could hit the consumer market – and your plate – sometime in the next two years.

The Finnish company named the invention Solein and in its marketing is calling the product “food out of thin air.”

“It’s a fully natural fermentation process, with an end product that looks and tastes just like wheat flour,” the statement said.

These single-cell proteins can find their way into almost any meal imaginable, the company claims, and therefore has opened the door for the invention of entirely new food products.

Solar Foods also said that Solein is 100 times more climate friendly when compared to plant or animal alternatives.

And because it is made in controlled conditions, the company said that it can be created anywhere in the world.

“Independent from weather and irrigation, Solein is an unlimited protein source that is free from agricultural limitations and the boundaries of imagination,” Solar Foods said.

The company hopes to launch the product commercially in 2021.