VR moon astronaut CROPPED
Take a virtual reality journey into the future of spaceflight
03:29 - Source: CNN
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Fifty years after the first moon landing, CNNVR takes you on an animated journey across time and space to explore what’s next for humans in space. From space tourism to Martian colonies, these are tomorrow’s moonshots.


Executive Producer: Jason Farkas
Producer: Bronte Lord
Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Reyes
Art Director: Padraic Driscoll
Animators: Padraic Driscoll, Shane Csontos-Popko, Jeff Hsu, Justin Weiss, Kelly Flynn, Craig Waxman, Roberto Chriqui, Hyewon Lee
Illustrators: Ken Fowler, Leah Abucayan, Melody Shih, Sandy Pan
Sound Designers: Bronte Lord, Carla Howe
Researcher: Elizabeth Roberts