Sweden drops investigation into alleged victim in A$AP Rocky brawl

 A$AP Rocky performs at Le Zenith in Paris on June 27, 2019.

(CNN)An investigation into the Swedish man allegedly involved in a brawl with US rapper A$AP Rocky has been dropped, the man's lawyer, Magnus Stromberg, told CNN on Monday.

Stromberg said he had received written confirmation of this from the prosecutor, and while his client is relieved this was not unexpected. "He has been the subject of an assault, but he has not committed a crime," Stromberg added.
Slobodan Jovicic, A$AP Rocky's lawyer, talks to media on July 19 following a Stockholm court's decision to extend the rap artist's detention.
The Swedish prosecution service also confirmed to CNN that the investigation into the man has been discontinued and he is no longer suspected of any crime.
    A$AP Rocky was detained on July 3 and is preparing to start his third week behind bars accused of assault after his alleged involvement in the incident in Stockholm on June 30. The rapper's lawyer, Slobodan Jovicic, says he was defending himself after being assaulted and that his client is innocent.
      While Justin Bieber and US President Donald Trump are among the global figures to have called for the release of the 30-year-old rapper, authorities in Sweden say they will not be swayed by international pressure.
      "The Swedish judicial system is completely independent and does not take into consideration outside pressure from politicians or others," a spokesman for the Swedish prosecution authority told CNN on Sunday.
      And, while Trump has offered to personally vouch for the 30-year-old rapper's bail, the bail system does not exist in Sweden.
        As Dennis Martinsson, a legal expert in Sweden, told CNN: "If you know the Swedish legal system you know that there is no bail system."
        "Actually, the Swedish constitution prevents any minister, even the Prime Minister, getting involved, or even saying something about an individual case," he added.
        It will be up to the prosecutor, Daniel Suneson, to decide by 4am ET Thursday whether A$AP Rocky -- whose real name is Rakim Mayers -- should be released, charged or kept in custody for longer.
        At the heart of the investigation are videos posted by TMZ and others posted by the rapper of the brawl.
        Celebrities have also weighed in. Justin Bieber said on Twitter late Friday that he appreciated Trump lobbying Swedish authorities on behalf of the rapper.