Australian border officials find $1 million in liquid meth inside snow globes

The liquid methamphetamine totaled more than 7 liters, officials said.

(CNN)In a unique drug bust that could have come straight out of the movie "Traffic" or the TV show "Breaking Bad," border officials in Sydney, Australia, say they've intercepted more than $1 million worth of liquid methamphetamine that arrived by air from Canada.

The drug, totaling 7.5 liters, was hidden inside 15 snow globes.
Officials released this photo of a seized snow globe.
Australian Border Force Aviation Goods officers examined and X-rayed the snow globes. Tests of the liquid inside returned a "presumptive positive result for methamphetamine," the Australian Border Force said in a statement.
    The investigation has been referred to the Australian Federal Police.
      "Our officers work tirelessly to prevent these harmful drugs from making it into Australian communities, and I'm proud of the results they continue to achieve," border force regional commander Danielle Yannopoulos said. "The ABF has invested heavily in our technological capability in recent years and we can see further into every package than ever before."