Applying for a gun license? Plant 10 trees first, Indian district says

Prime Minister Narendra Modi plants a sapling as part of a wider plantation campaign, in New Delhi, India, July 26, 2019.

(CNN)Indian officials have launched a creative new initiative to boost the number of trees in a Punjab state district, requiring all prospective gun owners to plant 10 tree saplings before their application will be considered.

Potential applicants in Ferozepur district will each have to plant 10 saplings and take selfies with them, which they must show to authorities when they go to pick up gun license application forms.
A month later, they need to once again take photographs with the trees to prove they are taking care of them. Only after this is done will the applicant be "considered" for license approval and background checks carried out.
    Those who want to apply for gun license will have to supply an image of themselves planting a sapling.
    "Punjabis are crazy about smartphones, cars and guns. Let them be crazy about planting," Chander Gaind, Ferozepur district commissioner, told CNN.
      Applicants must go through a rigorous process to be allowed to possess a firearm in India.
      The scheme, launched on June 5 to coincide with World Environment Day, has already had more than 100 applicants who have each planted 10 saplings.
      Between 20 and 25 people have already had been granted a gun license as part of the scheme, Gaind told CNN.